Creative Server

What is the Creative Server & why should you come to play?

Creative here at Symbiplex is a world with a pre-generated plot system with walkways in between where you can build anything you desire.



Creative Spawn

The plots can be claimed and joined if they are next to each other and the amount of claimable plots increases with your Symbiplex level. The Plots are your oyster – you can build anything you want to free from the limits. Play as if you were on single player using Creative mode but with others.

Discord Community

Chat in our discord server to get to know us, see server updates, meet other players, or simply post your favourite memes!

As you rank up, you can use world edit on your plots and the higher your level, the more perms you get to increase and grow your building and Creative potential. Want to build a church or just some pixel art you can do so!

Example of players Plots.

We host regular competitions on this server and you can have the chance for your build to be added to our Hub spawn in the showcase areas. Do you think you have what it takes to build your way to the top?

Join our staff team

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