Hub Server & Network Features

What is the Hub Server?

The Hub here at Symbiplex is the first thing you see when you join the server, here you can find warps to any other Server we offer, play some parkour or just explore the amazing map. Here you can find builds made by various users in the servers in recent competitions as well as many more future features coming soon.

The scary Dragon - Can you reach the top?

We have challenges for all of you here, can you imagine being able to ascend to the top of this dragon with the ability to receive a unique tag to show off to your friends? Beware, the dragons do not take kindly to trespassers in his lair! 

Discord Community

Chat in our discord server to get to know us, see server updates, meet other players, or simply post your favourite memes!

The server network offers various features for all such as custom nicknames, tags quests voting, and many more. Explore the server today or find out more on other pages on our website.

Claim your rewards in the clouds and remember you are one with Symbiosis.

Perhaps the best feature is our Symbiplex leveling system which allows you to have slow ease into our game modes. We notice a lot of questions like – Why can I not use my set home? well, the answer is simple, play and unlock new features. How to achieve levels and the different rewards within, please visit our Wikipedia page.

Join our staff team

Are you interested in becoming part of the Symbiplex staff team? Get your Place below!