RPG Server

What is the RPG Server and why should you come to play?

RPG here at Symbiplex lets you experience your own adventure, you can choose to be a traveling merchant and sell other players your items, or you can be an explorer, exploring and looting the big amount of custom built dungeons that are designed and generated just for you.

One example of the custom RPG content; Magic!

In the afformentioned dungeons you can find many enemys of different levels to fight and for some of them there is actually a boss, but its not purely for the thrill, no no, here you can also find a bunch of different loot, ranging from equipment to food to valuables.

Discord Community

Chat in our discord server to get to know us, see server updates, meet other players, or simply post your favourite memes!

On this server there is a ton of custom items that almost all are in the range of something magical, some of them for combat use, others as a utility. For example, the magic wand is mostly used for combat and it is levelable, with each level you can learn different spells which get stronger and more op with the time.

RPG Spawn - An adventurers beginning.

On this server there is no claiming land and you shouldn´t really build any bases aswell this server is used for exploration and if you have to set up base, we recommend them to be temporary, as when you set up a real base it will probably be destroyed and looted by others, if they can find it.

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