Minecraft Rules

1. Respect all players
We aim to have a fun and safe environment for everyone to communicate and interact with each other respectfully. Short term, treat others the way you would like to be treated.

2. Unfair Advantage
Hacking or the use of any illegitimate/hacked clients to gain an unfair advantage on our server is not allowed.

3. Texture Packs
Any texture packs that gain an unfair advantage, such as XRAY, are not permitted on the server.

4. Exploiting
Exploiting any game mechanics that are/were not intended for normal gameplay is not allowed.

5. Griefing (Survival only)
Any and all types of griefing are not allowed! Don’t claim plots around other players’ claims with any malicious intent.

6. PVP Combat (Survival Only)
PVP is enabled on our server. PVP Combat only allowed if both parties agreed to fight. Do not intentionally PVP with someone if the player does not want to fight.

7. Automatic Farms
Auto farms are allowed but no near-zero tick farms. All auto farms should be disabled when you are not on the server.

8. AFK
Do not AFK at mob farms that cause an excessive amount of lag which impacts other players.

9. Advertising
Advertising another Minecraft server or IP will result in an immediate ban.

10. Staff Disrespect
Being disrespectful towards any member of our staff is not allowed.

11. Impersonation
Impersonating staff is not allowed.

12. Scamming
Scamming players of IRL money or accounts is not allowed. Scamming in-game, such as selling a deceiving item is not allowed.

13. Language
No swearing.

Minecraft F.A.Q's

How do I link my Discord Account?

Would you rather be a blank white coloured rank on Discord or the rank of your In-Game account? Linking your Discord account helps with that, if you rank up on Minecraft and rank up, your new rank will show up on Discord. It also means that staff can help with rank-specific issues quicker.

Why should I join the Discord Server?

It allows you to not only keep up to date with server news, chat with members, and share content but it allows your rank in-game to show up here and have access to exclusive content. Joining the discord server also allows you to be able to report bugs add questions and suggestions as well as talk to our members.

What is Voting, and why should I vote

Symbiplex is on sites known as Voting Sites which advertise Minecraft Servers, voting helps our server be recommended to more people which helps us grow our community. You can gain rewards from voting such as Symbiplex Levels, claim blocks, diamonds, and more!

What do I do if I have found a bug?

Do not abuse the bug. Tell an online staff member via /msg or report in our support channels on Discord. Don’t tell anyone apart from staff about it, and don’t mention it in general chats (this is to prevent players recreating the bug and exploiting our server). We will work to get it fixed as soon as possible.

I’ve been griefed, what should I do?

Don’t Worry! We are able to roll back all Griefs. Just message an online staff and we will get someone to fix it. Just make sure to tell us where and when you were Griefed. This does not apply to the RPG server where Griefing is a part of gameplay.

Someone is breaking a rule or being rude. What should I do?

If you haven’t already, contact any online staff. If no staff are online, contact a member of staff on Discord. We will punish them accordingly. If you are unsure about the rules, make sure to read them through. /rules. Please report them in game using /report, these reports will flow to Discord and contact staff that are around.