Survival Server

What is the Survival Server & why should you come to play? 

Well, here at Symbiplex we take inspirations across the internet and combine them together into one iconic Survival server with other 4 years of History. Despite map changes, the core principles of our server have stayed the same. We adopted the “Hermitcraft” style server focusing on the player-to-player economy as our core feature. As the server has grown in popularity we have had to add other areas to automate the player-to-player transactions through the use of an Auction House and continuous development in the way items are traded with Symbit currency and/or diamonds. We also have a server-player shop where you can sell your items to be able to buy other items from others and/or the server.

The Survival Habour.

You can play without fear of losing your base to raids or griefers which a number of players like to have that security to their base. It allows players to focus on the creativity of their bases, and farms without feeling the need to hide from others. We want players at Symbiplex to be encouraged to interact and not hide from others. The golden shovel allows you to claim land and you can earn a larger claim area as you play on our server. We do have a more competitive-focused server if the aspect of claiming isn’t for you. Check out our RPG server that is designed for this in mind.

Discord Community

Chat in our discord server to get to know us, see server updates, meet other players, or simply post your favourite memes!

Another feature that we have implemented recently is the interactive nature of our servers, we want to give players things to do time and time again. Whether it be, taking up a job, a quest, or earning rewards through gaining crate keys from voting. There is always something for you to come on and do. Crates allow you to unlock special cosmetics and monthly items that are unique. Not all players like these aspects as they prefer more of an open world with fewer plugins, however, we offer that too. Admittedly we have plugins but that does not stop a player from creatively playing survival.

The best and biggest feature comes from not the server setup, but the people that are on it. We are a server free from hatred, toxicity, and griefing. We focus on the ability for every single member to be welcome without anyone getting in your way of having a good time and enjoying playing Minecraft. Symbiplex is a place to discover your self and survival is the place to begin that journey with us.

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